Wearsafe Tag is your weapon against sexual assault, to always feel safe

Wearsafe Tag

Wearable technology is changing our lives in more ways than one. The latest example is this gadget which is made for distress situations like someone following you on a lonely street with bad intentions. For females who have to combat everyday bullying and even worse, sexual assault, this gadget is going to be a god sent messenger. Wearsafe Tag is a small wearable which sends an emergency message to your loved ones about your situation and increases your chances of being rescued. The waterproof tag connects to your smartphone and even works 200 feet away from it.

This little piece of technological bliss is targeted specifically for young college students and can be worn like a trendy accessory. You can attach it to your clothing or wear it like a jewelry piece. Coming on to its functionality, the wearable sends email/text alert to pre-defined contacts and also activates the mic of this device to record the happening and instantly relay it to the contact’s device. This helps in providing audio evidence in case things get worse or assist respondents to get extra help if situation demands.

Wearsafe Tag

Wearsafe Tag got funded on Kickstarter last year and now it is available for pre-order at a price tag of $39 USD. For now the wearable is only compatible with iOS devices with Android compatibility to follow soon. Just keep in mind that after the first month of use you’ll have to shell out $4.99 per month, $26.99 for 6 months or $49.99 for one year to get the mandatory subscription and option of pairing it to your mobile device. You can buy it in two color options; white or grey and it can be worn in multiple ways courtesy 3 included attachments.

Wearsafe Tag



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