Toyota unveils voice-activated wearable device blind can wrap around the neck to navigate better

project blaid wearable device for visually impaired

We have seen many renowned manufacturers building assistive technologies for the visually impaired, and we have also seen DIY shoes, smart vest and apps to help blind live more independently. Now with the idea of making a difference in lives of partially sighted and blind people, Toyota has unveiled a wearable device which will help people find their way around obstacles more easily and with confidence. The device, called Project BLAID aims to fill the void left by canes and GPS assisted devices and aid the blind to move about with lot of ease.

project blaid wearable device for blind

The device can be worn around the neck. It is fitted with cameras that can detect obstacles or identification signs and communicate the same through speakers or vibrations. The user can in turn interact with the device through button or voice commands. Check out the demonstration video below.

Project BLAID, which is still in early stage of development is scheduled to receive object identification, facial recognition and mapping technologies over time. Beta testing for the currently conceptualized device is slated to being shortly. Stay tuned here for more information.

Via: Toyota/Engadget



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