Batmobile suitcase complete with machine guns is all your kid ever wanted

Batmobile suitcase-1

Your batman friendly kid finally has a way to carry his favorite goodies. A Hong Kong-based manufacturer has come up with a super cute, super attractive batmobile-inspired suitcase your kid is not going be without after this. Based on the Batmobile to be featured in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie, the batsuitcase (as they call it) is immensely detailed and looks if it’s been stolen out off the movie itself.

Batmobile suitcase

Talking about detail, the batsuitcase has batmobile-style machine guns on the front; sadly they are not functional. However, all four wheels on the batmobile bag are functional. That means, it can be dragged upright like an ordinary suitcase trolley with its extendable handle, or your kid can tug it along on all fours like a batmobile. Now, that’s a toy your kid’s being waiting for since his first birthday.

Batmobile suitcase-2

Priced at modest $100, the batmobile bag doesn’t have deep pockets. From what we can see, it’s good to carry a water bottle, some batman apparels and a few action figures (but then, that’s about all your kid carries for a Christmas holiday to his grannies). If the suitcase appeals to the parent in you, it will be available by the end of May this year, get your finances together.

Batmobile suitcase-3 Batmobile suitcase-4

Via: Toy-People / Toyland



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