Giuliano Mazzuoli Cemento is the world’s first cement dial wristwatch

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So far you might have come across many watches made from conventional material that appeals to the eye. But have you ever seen a wristwatch made from concrete? Giuliano Mazzuoli Cemento is a timepiece unique in its domain, and the Italian designer has crafted it with perfection. Apparently this is the world’s first wristwatch with a cement casing which is 45mm in diameter and 13.5mm thick. The horological timepiece has self-winding automatic movement with 28,800 beats per hour and a 40 hour power reserve.

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Cemento is a black matte watch having an elevated three-dimensional metallic rectangular cuboid and a crown at 3 o’clock with black “o” ring. It comes in an anti-reflective convex sapphire crystal for a clear look. To match the exquisite dial, calf-skin leather strap perfectly complements the look. And it is not just a pretty wristwatch as it can be taken underwater to a depth of 50 meters courtesy its 5 atmospheres water resistance.

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Giuliano Mazzuoli Cemento comes at a price tag of US $ 4,900 however its availability is still not clear. Overall the watch looks good and made to catch eyeballs.

Giuliano Mazzuoli said:

I am very happy with the result, and even this watch is a pure breed. The final result excites me more than the original idea.

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Credit: ATimelyPerspective/ChronoPassion



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