Song Wig with earbuds in each strand lets you enjoy music with friends

Song Wig-1

Looking for a hairdo that complements your love for sharing music? Well, all new Song Wig lets you achieve it most creatively. The crazy Japanese wearable tech – the Song Wig, is an ordinary colorful wig until you notice closely. Designed with idea of sharing music, the wig has an earphone at the tip of each hair strand. Developed by Tokyo based creative agency, Party, which also has unit in New York, Song Wig is on exhibition at the SXSW – annual film, interactive media, and music festivals that kicked off in Austin on March 11.

Song Wig-2

There are many of us who love sharing music by offering one earbud of an earphone to someone. This new music sharing idea is certainly not for everyone, but there is a chance the amazing strands of the Song Wig will be a hit with partygoers, who can share their music with friends by offering one of their strands or earbud, if you may. Idea is simple – music player via Bluetooth, connect it to Song Wig and listen to music with your friends.

Song Wig

With its inspiration “a wig for one head and many ears” tagline, Song Wig comes in three different styles – Pop Star, Classic Maestro and the Reggae Guru.

Pop Star

Classic Maestro

Classic Maestro

Reggae Guru

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