British teenager bags home top prize of $25,000 in World Drone Prix Dubai

World Drone Prix 2016

World Drone Prix just commenced in Dubai and 15-year-old Luke Bannister, a British teenager bagged home the top prize of $250,000. Taking drone racing as a sport to the next level, the event featured 32 teams from 19 countries who fought it out in a two day contest in the drone racing track at Sky Dive Dubai. The drone racing revved up on Friday and Saturday, giving the people of Dubai a unique experience of what could be the biggest event of the future. Of course we saw the Drone Racing League make headlines couple of months ago and this event has also managed to capture attention of drone enthusiasts. The event had a total prize money of $1 million and that overshadows other such drone racing events fair and square.

World Drone Prix 2016 had a total prize money of $1 million

This event was held under the patronage of Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council. All the 32 participating teams fought it out on a custom-made drone racing track which has twists turns and speedy straights, just like we are accustomed to seeing in Formula-1 racing. And this drone racing track is the largest in the world. Measuring 7 km in total. After first day’s intense racing for 12 laps,16 teams made it through to the next stage on Saturday. Then they were trimmed down to 8 and then 4 before the teams fought for the finals.

Luke Bannister (a.k.a Banniuk) and his team fought it hard in the finals and won the race to become first ever World Drone Prix champions. The drones race at speeds of over 62 mph which makes the action quite intense for the spectators.

World Drone Prix Dubai track layout

Omar Al Olama, Secretary General of the World Organisation of Racing Drones told GulfNews:

One needs to be dynamic, have a sound knowledge of physics and aerodynamics to design and fly drones. The world over, there are pilots and technical people assembling and racing drones and that is why we decided to hold this championship to demonstrate that, like Formula One racing, drones too are the future of racing and will have seasons and annual Grand Prix.



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