Firework Rocket Launcher blows your socks-off, literally

Firework Rocket Launcher by Colin Furze

Getting the idea of making a firework launcher after watching it in some game, well only Colin Furze could have thought of. Yes, the crazy brit is back with another insane creation and Colin literally blow his socks off his feet with this Firework Rocket Launcher. Colin made this firework shooting rocket launcher that looks absolutely intimidating in his garage and he did a good job of it. The freak he is, you can see what niche ideas he can come up with. The bit that stands out in the video is a sequence where he attaches the firework to his socks and then sees if they come-off.

Yes the socks do come off, in-fact they shoot a long way away along with the firework. Colin provides all the details of making this Firework Rocket Launcher in another video that you can see below. In the meanwhile, enjoy Colin’s madness as he shoots fireworks at multiple targets including a tent and truck.



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