World’s smallest matchstick-sized flashlight for emergency situations

Matchbook flashlight

Japanese lighting gadget accessories maker MatchBox Instruments has created the world’s smallest flashlight dubbed Matchbook, and it is on course to get it funded on Indiegogo. Being the size of a matchstick, the waterproof instrument comes in a pack of 8 tiny flashlights. Each one of them has a power to get lit for 8 hours which makes it 64 hours in total. An absolute must for adventurers who need such compact accessories for emergency situations. These miniature LED flashlights come in white, red or green color for a price of $28 ($7.50 shipping cost to anywhere in the world). That is if you pledge support on Indiegogo for this project and the product will be shipped by 2016.

MBI match-sized flashlights have a magnetic base which sticks firmly to any metal surface like a coin or your adventure gear. They can be fully submerged in water without any damage which is great. You can keep them in your wallet or the smallest pocket of your backpack, and when the need arises take them out.

Matchbook flashlight_1

The only downside of this accessory is that it is for only one time use with no replaceable battery for the first batch of production. This means you’ll have to throw them away after 8 hours of use. As I said it is an emergency situation accessory, so you can give it a thought.



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