Tiny robots pull a 3,900 pound car to demonstrate the power of teamwork

Car pulling robots

Nature itself is the inspiration for majority of the technological innovations we have seen in long time. Yet another wonder of nature’s teamwork and applied strength are ants who can pull things 100 times their own weight. Taking inspiration from these nature’s robot-like workhorses, group of researchers at the Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Laboratory Stanford University have created μTug robots which are capable of pulling objects much heavier than themselves.

To be precise these microbots are capable of pulling thousands of times their weight. For comparison that would be comparable to 6 average weighting humans pulling the Eiffel Tower or three Statues of Liberty. A team of six such microbots demonstrated an amazing feat by pulling a 3,900 pound car by adopting lizard’s method of walking firmly on vertical surfaces. As you can see from the video, these tiny little robots pulled the car easily and that paves way for a fleet of robotic army capable of doing superhuman things.

Source: IEEE Credit: NYTimes



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