Make Selfie Arms for yourself if you don’t want to get noticed, WTF!

Selfie Arms_1

To every tourist destination you go, you see people posing with selfie sticks in their hand. Over a short period of time selfie sticks have become a popular accessory for people. But for some reason selfie sticks are banned in certain areas. This is the story of a shy geek named Mansoon who was embarrassed to use selfie stick in public. The solution he came with is cool and funny at the same time. He created Selfie Arms that perfectly blend with his real arms (am I exaggerating it a bit) and lets him take selfies.

Selfie Arms_2

He bought fake hands from Amazon and connected them to a selfie stick. Then he got down to elongating the sleeves of his clothing and put the selfie stick inside. That is it, his new way to take selfies was complete. Now Mansoon is able to take selfies without attracting much attention (that is what he thinks). I think he was better off taking photos with a selfie stick the conventional way. Anyhow, it makes for a geeky DIY for us all.

Selfie Arms



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