Batmobile PC Case themed on Batman v Superman movie

Batmobile PC Case

Look at this cool Batmobile and you won’t believe what it actually is. A PC case to be precise. Yes folks this PC case mod is insane and has been created as a part of the MSI challenge to build a Batman-themed case mod. Made from scratch, this machine looks strikingly close to the real Batmobile Tumbler featured in Batman V Superman movie. This is work of [Thechoozen] and his friends’ who have created this case from scratch and boy have they done a good job of it.

Batmobile PC Case_1

Talking about the machine inside, it has a liquid-cooled system having 16GB of RAM and GTX 960 Gaming 4G graphics card. It is incredible how the makers have manage to fit all the hardware inside such a small space. Basically the chassis of this Batmobile is its computing brain. All the ports are located on the lower side of the Batmobile case and it has working headlights too. Very aptly the fan is located where the exhaust of Batmobile would be and the cool LED lights on the inside add to its style.

Batmobile PC Case_2

Batmobile PC Case_8

Batmobile PC Case_7

Batmobile PC Case_6

Batmobile PC Case_56

Batmobile PC Case_5

Batmobile PC Case_3

Batmobile PC Case_4

Via: Kotaku



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