Planet Licker – Your licking skills will be tested in this surprising game

Planet Licker Game

We have seen augmented reality applications, virtual reality stuff and games that capture our imagination. But this one makes you go into drooling mode like crazy. Planet Licker game is all about licking the controller to direct the game character towards the similar colored planet while avoiding obstacles. Wait, did I just say lick? Yes, the player has to lick the gamepad having three ice pops to simulate button presses. The more precise your lick is, the closer will you get towards winning the game. And not to forget that quick licks will make the planet vanish in a jiffy, resulting in a higher score.

Since the controller is going to be licked by a number of players, therefore hygiene will be a matter of concern. For their demonstration at the Game Developers Conference 2016 in San Francisco, the developers made sure the players got their own set of food safe controllers to play Planet Licker. For now the flavors for the popsicles include Orange Cream, Matcha Lemondate, Blue Vanilla, Coffee, Beet, and Blueberry.

Controller has the option of replaceable, single use popsicles which can be replaced after use. But frankly speaking I’m a bit too skeptical about this option. Although the idea of this game might be far from practicality at least it is something different. Not to mention, it is ‘Finger Licking Geeky’.



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