Every bicycle rider should get this Reflective Bag & Backpack

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Bicycle riders are the most vulnerable when it comes to road accidents, especially in the dark hours. This can be attributed to poor visibility of the rider, lack of attention of other motorists or both. Along with the other bicycle accessories that help you keep safe on road, this backpack will ensure you are visible from a considerable distance. Reflective Bag & Backpack by Bookman developed in collaboration with Notabag is made from highly visible polyester material for urban commuters who like to use bike as their mode of transportation.
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This two in one bag & backpack can be carried in your pocket and when the need arises you can convert it into a backpack or simple bag. The bag has a pocket inside which can be used to keep wallet or your keys. The idea is very simple and the product is also a no nonsense one. It is made for a specific purpose and people with the need for one will want it right away. The accessory is available on Bookman for €30.00 (USD $34), and on Notabag you’ll be notified as soon as it is in stock again.

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