Pigeons are monitoring air pollution in London


Pigeon air petrol

Air pollution is steadily becoming one major reason for deaths around the world. Situation is no different in London where thousands of people are losing lives every year, due to poor air condition. As a way to monitor rising illegal levels of air pollution in London, pigeons have been fitted with sensor on their back. The Pigeon Air Patrol, as the campaign is called, is brainchild of Plume Labs, who have developed the sensors capable of detecting toxins in the air.

Plume Labs has armed a small flock of these birds which are roaming the city collecting air pollution quality over London. In the initial phase, the first three days, Plume Labs collected ratings of city’s air quality in various parameters – fresh to extreme, and then tweeted the information for the people to see.

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The sensors backpack, which is attached to a special set of pigeons selected from a group of racing pigeons, are capable of detecting various toxins in the air, which include nitrogen dioxide.

To ensure safety and keep a regular check on health of the pigeons, the Plume Labs has a veterinarian on board. Currently, the group is looking for funds to take this campaign to the next level – from pigeon to humans. Plume Labs has gathered about $8,000 of their $15,000 goal.

Via: Guardian



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