Domino’s Robotic Unit – Autonomous pizza delivery robot debuts in Australia and New Zealand

Dominos Robotic Unit for pizza delivery_1

We all love pizzas don’t we? And normally we like them delivered at our home. For all of you like me there is good news as Domino’s has created the world’s first autonomous pizza delivery vehicle. Today Domino’s has launched DRU, Domino’s Robotic Unit developed in collaboration with Australian technology startup Marathon Targets which debuted in Queensland and Brisbane Australia as well as Wellington New Zealand for testing to deliver fresh pizza to the lucky ones. The three-foot tall self-driving robotic unit is capable of carrying pizza 20 km from its location to a customer.

Domino’s DRU can carry 10 pizzas in its heated compartment and customers are given a special code at the time of order. When one enters the code, the compartment opens and you can take out the pizza. It is loaded with sensors to detect obstacles in its way and when the robot is done with the delivery it returns to the base to get a recharge and ready for the next slotted order. This intelligent robotic system is loaded with GPS navigation method connected to Google Maps that lets it choose the best route possible and then back on the same path once delivery is done.

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Dominos Robotic Unit for pizza delivery

Source: Domino’s Via: Engadget



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