Amphibious drone lives underwater and takes aerial flight when needed


The longing for developing underwater drones is fast emerging as the new trend. To keep up with this craving, researchers at John Hopkins University have developed a drone which is good both in and out of water. In-fact it likes water more than land as it is capable of staying underwater for months in its base station and when needed take flight from there. Dubbed CRACUNS (Corrosion Resistant Aerial Covert Unmanned Nautical System) this waterproof drone can be attached to a submarine for missions that require underwater and aerial surveillance.

CRACUNS is developed using 3D printed parts and to make sure the drone fairs well in salt water, the developers have made it from special corrosion resistant material. The current prototype version of this drone has stayed underwater for two months without any compromises in its flying abilities.

This unmanned machine is ideal for reconnaissance missions and owing to inspiration sponsor challenges it came to existence. It can carry a fair amount of payload and also operate in harsh conditions of the seas. The lightweight composite airframe makes it possible for CRACUNS to remain underwater and take-off at any required time.


According to APL’s Rich Hooks, an aerospace and mechanical engineer

CRACUNS successfully demonstrated a new way of thinking about the fabrication and use of unmanned systems


Via: Gizmodo



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