Powerful Repulsor flashlight gives your car headlights good competition

Repulsor Flashlight

Normally a flashlight would be good for viewing up to a few meters of distance, but this one is different. Repulsor flashlight has a total luminous flux of 7911 lumens which is the highest in current breed of flashlights. Now that would put my car headlights to shame for sure. This flashlight has a beam angle of more than 60 degrees to make sure you don’t have even an inch if dark space ahead of you. Clearly, this flashlight is ideal for people who require clear and crisp lighting while heading out in the dark. The creators want this flashlight to look and feel unique so they decided to give it a completely new design. Compared to other flashlights this one attaches to your trouser/jeans and gives you hands-free comfort.

The accessory is ideal for search and rescue missions and maybe even usable at times when you need it with your motorcycle. Perhaps it will be a good option for bicycle riders who will be safer on the road with this flashlight hooked on. The flashlight works in two modes with one having 200 meters range and the other one with 500 meters range.

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Now comes its unique feature which allows you to charge your gadgets like smartphone with this flashlight when emergency power is required. Having 8000/12000 mAh battery power gives you ample scope for charging the gadgets.
For now Repulsor is in prototype stage and soon it will hit Kickstarter for funding. The price for securing your Repulsor flashlight is going to be $175 for the 8000mAh version. The retail price of this flashlight is going to be $250 once it manages to get past the funding stage.

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