Hang-on, that’s a gun not a smartphone case?

Ideal Conceal Pistol_1

You just can’t carry a handgun and go around displaying it in public. That is why people go for concealed weapons to attract minimum attention possible. There are many compact pistols that one can carry around, but at the end of the day it is a weapon and you need to conceal it. For this reason Ideal Conceal .380 caliber pistol is here which looks more like a smartphone with case cover. At the push of a button this harmless looking accessory turns into a fatal weapon that can be used for self-defense. No one will ever suspect you of carrying a firearm in the pocket, hand or even if you keep it on a table.

Ideal Conceal Pistol_3

The pistol is meant for short distance shooting and it comes with a hammerless firing system for better security. This double barrel gun has two rounds in each of the barrel and is absolutely meant for emergencies.

According to creator Kirk Kjellberg this concealed gun is going to carry a price tag of $395 and already he has received 2,500 emails from people wanting to buy one. I’m sure you’ll also want this cool gun in your pocket.

Ideal Conceal Pistol_2

Via: CoolThings



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