OLO transforms smartphone into fully-functional 3D printer for $99


Seeing all the developments in 3D printing space, most of us have dreamt of owning a 3D printer some day. If your dream is held back just because 3D printers cost too much, OLO is here for you. Seen first at the Maker Faire in New York last year, OLO is a magical device that uses your smartphone for processing and transforms it into a fully-functional 3D printer. This first smartphone-powered 3D printer by OLO 3D Inc. has taken Kickstarter by storm and has gone well past its $80,000 goal in just a few hours from launch.

OLO smartphone 3D printer-1

Using the OLO is simply. Simply kick off a dedicated free app on the phone, select the product you want to print, attach the smartphone to OLO’s base and in few minutes you’ll have the product 3D printed for you. OLO allows you to use any 3D scan software, or you can create your own design using 3D software and have the phone command OLO to print it for you. You can even share the 3D models you create with friends on social media or on the OLO community.

OLO smartphone 3D printer-2

OLO is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone smartphones of all sizes. The quick and affordable 3D printer is portable enough to fit into a bag, which means you can take it wherever you go.

OLO smartphone 3D printer-3

OLO is expected to ship in September 2016, until then watch the video below to know more about how the OLO smartphone 3D works and functions.



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