Zealous artist gives $100 Millennium Falcon toy a striking repaint

Tristan Elliott repainted Millennium Falcon

When for all of us a $100 Hasbro Battle Action Millennium Falcon would be a great wall hanging, the 18-inch long ship is a base for some awesome weathering for artist, designer Tristan Elliott. A graduate from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 23-year-old Elliott took detailing of the already perfect Millennium Falcon to a new level with an amazing paint job.

Tristan Elliott repainted Millennium Falcon-1

Elliott says everything in the Star Wars universe is modified, worn, and repaired and he wanted his toy to seem straight out of Star Wars. To match that, he started by highlight some of the sculpted details and finished with painting parts of the spaceship in different shades of gray. The results are incredible. Head down to see it for yourself.

Tristan Elliott repainted Millennium Falcon-2

Tristan Elliott repainted Millennium Falcon-3

Tristan Elliott repainted Millennium Falcon-4

Source: Reddit



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