This palm-sized quadcopter fits inside the remote control

Mini Quadcopter

Palm-sized quadcopters always attract us and for good reason. They are easy to carry, maneuver in the air and look absolutely cute. As an adult you can fly them around on a weekend or perhaps as a kid fly it inside the house. Fayee FY804 Mini is one quadcopter from that very domain which captures your imagination. This 6 axis gyro quadcopter can fly in the air for approximately 8 minutes while performing 360 degree rollovers. Just like the Tarantula Spider Quadcopter this one too comes with headless mode for beginners and two separate modes depending on your level of expertise.

Fayee FY804’s mini design makes sure that you can fly it around inside your home with utmost ease. Incredibly it fits inside the RC itself and the small rotors require minimum lift which facilitates easy maneuvering. The quadcopter has an operating distance of about 30 meters which means it is meant for small spaces and not big stadiums. The RC quadcopter charges in 40 minutes, thereby giving you short bursts of enjoying the quadcopter flight without waiting too much.

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Fayee FY804 Mini Quadcopter is a part of the GearBest 2nd Anniversary Celebration discounts and this is the best time for you to grab this quadcopter for a dirt cheap price of $15.02 USD. That would be a discount of 54%.

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Mini Quadcopter_1

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