Wooden tank housing a Nixie clock right where the turret would be

Wooden clockwork Nixie clock

Nixie clocks definitely qualify as geeky accessories that one can make at home, provided they have enough knowledge of electronics. Bettering on the design of GPS controlled Nixie clock is this cool wooden tank Nixie clock. Made from African Padauk wood using CNC machine milling technique, the final look is sealed with teak oil and aqueous acrylic varnish.

Wooden clockwork Nixie clock_4

The design of this Nixie clock sitting on top of wooden sculpture is based on a KV-1 tank shell. According to the maker he used an old and cracked piece of wood which was defected in some places but I guess it gives the clock very rough look which is kind of good. The clock has native alarm function along with the option to adjust the brightness level of the nixie tubes individually.

Wooden clockwork Nixie clock_1

Wooden clockwork Nixie clock_2

Wooden clockwork Nixie clock_3

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