These James Bond inspired guns won’t let anyone suspect foul play

Bond inspired guns

Keeping weapon for safety is a priority for many people out there and the smaller the better. Best strategy is to go for a gun which is easily disguised and not a hassle to carry. For this very reason we decided to show you some of the best mini guns which will be your weapon in times of need. Some of these guns look inspired from Bond movies and why not, a bit of style does the trick into fooling your enemies. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest compact guns from around the globe which made the headlines and some of them are controversial too.

NOTE: We don’t endorse any of these weapons for use other than safety and you should acquaint yourself with local laws before making one. The weapons featured below can be dangerous and get you in trouble.

# Key Fob Gun

Key Fob Gun DIY

First up is this Key Fob Gun found by Russian authorities and allegedly designed by a Bulgarian engineer. Called as WASP the .22 caliber gun fires two bullet shot by pressing the buttons on top. Pulling the key chain loads the bullet and it is quite dangerous from close range. Authorities made quite a few arrests in connection to this Key Fob Gun seized along with other ammunition and weapons.

Making this kind of gun will get you in trouble but you can try out the not so dangerous Keychain Gun DIY given below to make one just for fun.

# Ring Gun

Ring Gun

Inspired from the 1800’s design of concealed pistol designs, this is a six shot Ring Gun which you can call the Petit Protector of modern era. The pistol is large enough to wear on any finger and preferably on the index finger to make it easy to press the trigger with thumb. Bullet used in this ring pistol is a 2mm pinfire ammo. These things are quite rare and now you can get them for $4,000-$15,000 from collectors or pawn shops.

# Swiss Mini Gun

Swiss Mini Gun

Measuring just 5.5 cm and weighing just 0.7 oz this Swiss Mini Gun is one for the collectors. It fires six .09 caliber rounds from its barrel just like a real-sized revolver would do. This is the world’s smallest working revolver and it uses 2mm pinfire cartridges which are not that harmful from a distance. It comes with a cute little leather holster which can be hooked to your jeans like a key ring. This small gun doesn’t come cheap having a price tag of USD $6,705 and yes you cannot import it legally in the US. cannot import it legally in the US.

# Pocket Watch Pistol

Pocket Watch Gun

Remember your grandfather’s old pocket watch? That can be a dangerous weapon too for a bond inspired geek. This Pocket Watch Pistol looks like any other English pocket watch from the yesteryears but the clock gear houses the 3mm gun mechanism which shoots a single bullet. This short range weapon is meant for absolute emergencies and you need to be darn close to inflict any damage.

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# Lipstick Pistol

Lipstick Pistol

Another pistol that you will hardly be able to recognize. This is KGB’s Lipstick Pistol from the 1960’s era which is now a part of the International Spy Museum collection in Washington, D.C. The 4.5mm pistol fires a single shot and no doubt the makers named it “The Kiss of Death”.

# Flashlight Gun

Flashlight Gun

This .410 shotshell gun cannot be taken lightly as it can do serious damage. CSG Maglite Flashlight Gun has a grenade styled safety pin which prevent you from accidentally shooting it. A price tag of $$895 makes it an expensive option and the fact that it is not small makes us question the concealing capability. Of course you can use it in broad daylight as most people will suspect foul play if you are carrying a flashlight.

# Gun Knife

Arsenal Gun Knife

The Arsenal Gun Knife is a self-defense weapon that allows you to carry a knife that opens up to become a .22 caliber gun capable of firing 6 shots back-to-back before loading in more bullets. You can use it as a knife and when you want to fire some rounds, simply pull up the trigger, fill in the .22 caliber rounds and close the lid. The Gun Knife is imported by Arsenal Firearms, a company from Las Vegas for a price tag of $2000 plus $5 for the AOW stamp.

# Pen Gun

Stinger Pengun

Yet another gun disguised as an unsuspecting item. The Stinger Pen Gun sounds to be inspired by the phrase “The pen is mightier than the sword”. This low powered .22 caliber gun measuring 6-inches was used by spies in WWII and in Cold War too. If you remember James Bond sported this type of gun in Never Say Never Again movie. The one shot gun needs to be opened to reload again and shoots at point blank range.

# Mobile Phone Gun

Mobile Phone Gun_1

What you see above is a gun that Italian authorities confiscated during Mafia gang raid. Disguised as a mobile phone with dummy display this pistol fires four .22 caliber rounds. Sliding the keypad section reveals the gun’s inside barrel which holds the rounds. Pressing a particular key fires the bullet and that is pretty dangerous I must say.

# Palm Pistol

Palm Pistol gun

Specifically designed for disabled, elderly and people who have trouble operating a standard firearm, the Palm Pistol looks nothing like a weapon. In fact it looks like some plumbing equipment that is unless you press the button to fire a round. The .38 caliber gun can be fired easily with the thumb and the recoil forces are directed towards the palm. This weapon comes at a steep price of $1350 and is meant only for people requiring it badly.

# Smartphone Case Gun

Ideal Conceal Pistol_1

There are many compact pistols that one can carry around, but at the end of the day it is a weapon and you need to conceal it. For this reason Ideal Conceal .380 caliber pistol is here which looks more like a smartphone with case cover. At the push of a button this harmless looking accessory turns into a fatal weapon that can be used for self-defense.



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