Algae-based biodegradable bottles are earth-friendly solution to plastic bottles

Algae-based biodegradable bottles

All kind of packaged water sells in plastic bottles. Amazingly only 50 percent of these bottles are reused. Even grimmer, plastic bottles take almost 1000 years to decompose. We need to save the world from this plastic that’s landing in landfills across the world, and that is only possible if there is a plastic replacement material. Icelandic product designer Ari Jónsson may have just found one workable solution in his algae-based biodegradable water bottles, which retains shape until empty and then begin to decompose.

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The 100 percent natural and 100 percent biodegradable bottles are made from powdered form of agar. Agar is a substance made from algae. According to the designer, by adding agar power to water he was able to create a jelly-like material, which pouring into a bottle-shaped mould formed lovely water bottles.

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Made from fully natural material, the biodegradable bottle can store water safely. Although Jonsson informs that the water takes the taste of the bottle over a period of time.

Ari Jónsson displayed algae-based biodegradable bottles at the Reykjavik design festival DesignMarch from 10 to 13 March 2016.

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