LocomotionVR lets you fly around like Harry Potter

LocomotionVR Quidditch on a Broomstick

Playing quidditch and flying like Harry Potter into a land of oblivion has been a dream for most of us who’ve grown up watching Harry Potter movies or reading J. K. Rowling’s fantasy. It’s 2016 and time is right for each one of us to fulfill our fantasies with virtual reality. At CeBit underway in Hanover, Germany, a local company has launched LocomotionVR – a VR headset, a broomstick and a pair of headphones that will transport anyone using them (collectively) into an imaginary world that does not exist but can be experienced.

LocomotionVR Quidditch on a Broomstick-3

To give us a taste of what playing quidditch on a flying broomstick feels like, LocomotionVR requires one to climb onto a plastic broomstick, adorn VR glasses and fly through an enchanted forest with rivers, dragons, unicorns, magic owls and amazing castles.

LocomotionVR Quidditch on a Broomstick-1

LocomotionVR Quidditch on a Broomstick-2



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