Homemade Batmobile by a vetran is fit for Gotham City

Custom made Batmobile by Rod Warkentin_3

Rod Warkentin is a big fan of Batman and his Batmobile ever since he watched the gripping TV series and movie. That was when he decided to have his own Batmobile at 13 years old because it was too cool. Four decades from then, Rod lives his dream in a self-made Batmobile. Putting in almost a year of research on how to make this custom car and almost 300-350 hours on creating it. Rod used a 1979 Lincoln Town Car as the base for his Batmobile and after ripping everything apart started working on it from scratch. In fact he zeroed it down to the chassis and drive train.

Custom made Batmobile by Rod Warkentin

Leaving apart the fiberglass body, this dedicated veteran finished the Batman ride himself. His point of reference was the design of original 1966 Batmobile and some other custom Batmobiles created by fans worldwide. He made a point to fashion it in a way that permitted the upgrades to work with modern automotive parts. To add a bit of flair, he fitted a back-up camera to the main console since a Batmobile is not meant to have rearview mirror.

Custom made Batmobile by Rod Warkentin_1

Interiors of this Batmobile are as impressive as the exteriors. Rod has got bat phone, radar console on dash and the customary bat symbols to finish the look. He has also tweaked the motor too to give it a Batmobile feel.
Although the car is not road legal yet and almost 99% complete, but he wants to get the car insured.

Custom made Batmobile by Rod Warkentin_2

Warkentin said:

My wife is probably the most understanding woman that I have ever met and I thank her profusely for allowing me to actually build this. She loves the car, without a doubt. She can’t wait to get into her Batgirl suit and cruise the city with it.

Custom made Batmobile by Rod Warkentin_4

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