Lunar Watch made from moon rock brought back by Soviet Lunar probe

Limited Edition Lunar Watch

Lunar Moon mission is one of the most fascinating event in human history and it will remain that way until the end of time. Giving tribute to that event and one more reason for us all to rejoice the Moon is this Lunar Watch made from a solid piece of rock brought back home by Soviet Luna probe in 1974. One true collector’s edition timepiece, this watch by Analog Watch Co. is handcrafted in Switzerland and takes 4 months to complete. The limited edition Lunar Watch is only going to be made in 25 pieces in collaboration with Russian Federal Agency and carries a hefty price tag of $27,500 USD.

The timepiece is unique in its own right and caries a lot of history and importance. As for the look it is something you haven’t seen so far. Just look at this thing, it gives the feel of being from another universe. It is encased in a 41mm genuine olivine basalt moon rock well accompanied by a 20mm Italian black leather strap. Lunar Watch is embellished in sapphire crystal and has sterling silver hardware, crown and hands. All in all the watch is something everyone would want to own.

Note: Love it or hate it, you got fooled like we did on April Fools’ Day.

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Lunar Watch

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