Rollercoaster and VR headset create a thrilling ride into the future

New Revolution Virtual Reality Roller Coaster

To get the ultimate adrenaline rush one inevitably turns to a rollercoaster ride, and more often than not we all come home satisfied. Taking your average rollercoaster to the next level is the New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster at the Dare Devil Dive in North America by Six Flags Magic Mountain. The rollercoaster in collaboration with Samsung Gear VR and Oculus allows the rider to enter a completely different virtual world which perfectly syncs with the movement on course. The scene is set in the near future where you are a trained soldier riding a fighter aircraft as co-pilot, taking on the invading alien force putting Earth in harm’s way. Basically you are a new recruit in ‘The Patriots’ an elite fighter squadron.

Combining the experience of a rollercoaster ride and virtual reality headset makes you experience something you have never dreamt of before. You are towed to a launching location from where you make 90 degree drop, hurling turns and corkscrew twists. In VR you see the Alien mother ship wreaking havoc on your city as you go fighting in the plane, whizzing past skyscrapers and through the streets. While doing all this you’ll see the alien drones being destroyed as you shoot them relentlessly. The coaster takes you at a top speed of 55 miles per hour through a 2,100 feet track for the ride of your life.

Since you are wearing a virtual reality headset moving your head around in 360-degree view makes you see the cockpit as if you are actually riding a fighter plane. Now that is some experience while you try and figure out what’s real and what’s augmented as everything is perfectly synced. This is going to be one rollercoaster ride you don’t want to miss out on, that’s for sure.

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