Unique window cum touch-screen LCD displays are actually selling now

Tapti Window cum LCDS

Tony Stark isn’t the only one with those unbelievable all in one touch-screens in his lab. A company called Taptl has claimed to have developed transparent windows that also work as touch-screen LCD screens.

Taptl had launched the screens at the Yachts Miami Beach in February and partnered with Palladium Technologies for the screens’ software.

One can gaze outside through this window with the thickness of a typical LCD and 1080p resolution, but can be instantly turn it into a touch-screen that supports HDMI, USB, WI-FI, and Bluetooth, Windows, Android, OSX, and Linux.

The LCD is lightweight as compared to common bulky ones available in the market. The screens are completely water and heat resistant. It is software and connection agnostic, thus, capable of serving as TV, navigation system, gaming display, computer, all-in-one.

The company is starting with yachts because it’s too costly for common use currently. A 16-inch screen will cost $4,200, and that for a 110-inch becomes $1000,000. Obviously, the company has targeted most suitable client where it can also sell its customized solid gold or Swarovski studded software applications.

So, for now, it’s limited to only super-rich people spending weekends yachting, but sooner or later, it’s going to be very common.

Source: Digital Trends



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