Samsung’s much-anticipated foldable smartphone to come out in 2017

Samsung Foldable Smartphone

If you’d remember, sometime in September last year Chinese website Weibo had reported that Samsung could reveal its first foldable smartphone Project Valley aka Project V in January this year. Turns out there is some kind of a delay, the South Korean giant is now expected to launch a foldable smartphone for consumers in 2017, ET News reports.  The device being referred to as smartlet will be a 5-inch smartphone, which if folded would function as a 7-inch tablet.  

According to the Korean technology site, ET News the development of the prototype of a foladable phone is complete. The company is now set to begin mass production of the smartphone later this year so that it can be made available for consumers in 2017.

A clear picture of what the device would basically be, or how it would look is not known. Also there is no information how the phone’s folding mechanism would work. Samsung is choosing to keep its game-changing device a secret and that in no way means all this is just hearsay.

Samsung can pull of a folding smartphone since the company has been continuously experimenting with flexible displays, so there’s no confusion with that.

Via: Independent



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