Watch: Hydraulic Press Channel pulverizes LEGOs under industrial crusher

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If you derive (sexual) pleasure from watching objects crushed, then you have crush fetish, a paraphillia. If it’s so, you are going to love watching LEGOs being wasted while people chuckles and giggles watching them.

The people at the Hydraulic Press Channel love watching and filming a heavy industrial crusher pulverize hell out of watches, golf balls, DSLR camera, cellphones, bulbs, and number of other objects. In their previous video, they were crushing bananas under crusher. Who the hell crush bananas under industrial crusher? Well, these guys the HPJ does it and upload it on Youtube too. Surprisingly, they have found their viewers and they are in millions.

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It’s ridiculous, but are satisfactory because it’s done with complete dedication toward crushing anything that can be crushed under a small industrial crushed. We hope, they’ll prosper and pave their way to bigger crushers, thus, bigger objects for crushing.

Source: Hydraulic Press Channel



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