Is Samsung secretly developing smart contact lenses for the future?

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SamMobile has dug down a Samsung patent application that points the South Korean giant working on the development of smart contact lenses. These contact lenses are going to be far better than virtual reality glasses like the Google Glass or for that matter ever Samsung’s own HUD glasses or the Gear VR. This next generation wearable is going to change the way we perceive VR and other applications which depend on detection of eye’s movement for input, like in eye-tracking equipment. The patent for this smart contact lens has been filed couple of years ago in South Korea.


This patent titled “Smart contact lens for augmented reality and methods of manufacturing and operating the same” shows hardware having a tiny display, camera, antenna and sensors. All this will combine to give the user a new way to enjoy augmented reality applications and also for a much more precise eye moment tracking. This wearable is going to be paired with a smartphone for all the processing.


Primary reason for the development of smart contact lens is to overcome the shortcomings of smart glasses and give the wearer a realistic experience of VR applications. Fact that we are seeing it today could mean Samsung has already developed a prototype of the smart contact lenses and its reveal could come anytime in the next few months or even years. The possibility of such wearable never making it past the drawing board can also not be counted out.

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