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Who doesn’t like modern gadgets which are more of a toy to us grown-ups and bliss for kids who want nothing else but a playful time. The toys have changed so much in the last decade and more often than not, now they are more of smartphone connected or RC gadgets. Buying drones can burn a hole in your pocket and professional FPV cameras don’t come cheap either. Same is true for underwater recording cameras and accessories. As a gadget lover you want accessories that come at reasonable price and promise quality to the last bit.

GearBest specializes in selling gadgets and accessories at the best possible price tag and discounts which make for a good gift for someone who you love. Obviously a geek would love to have such goodies and getting them at low price is a big bonus. Thankfully GearBest has opened another window for their FPV Flash Sale from April 4 – April 11. You can buy quadcopters, 3D video glasses, underwater exploration HD cameras and their housing or simply a RC car availing this opportunity. There are going to be heavy discounts up to 66% and we thought our readers should avail this opportunity.

Some of the stuff that we liked and you can go for include Cheerson CX quadcopter, VR Box Glasses, 3D FPV Goggles, 4K Sport Action Camera or the 4 Wheel Drive Racing Car. To get you a better idea of these gadgets, given below is their price.

Cheerson CX – 20 GPS Auto Pathfinder Open – Source Flight Quadcopter for $197.99


VR Box VR02 3D VR Box Glasses for just $24.39


BHX 2098B 1/24 4 Wheel Drive Racing Car RC Model Toy for $77.89


80 inch 5.8G FPV Goggles Head Mounted 3D Video Glasses for $152.80


SJCAM SJ5000X 4K Sport Action Camera for $115.99




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