Man spends 3 years building a $14,000 exquisite wooden car

Wooden car by Peter Szabo

Last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, a carpenter and opera singer from Corunca village near Targu Mures, presented his marvelous wooden car that stunned the audience. Szabo Peter spent about $14,000 and approximately three years building the car into an exquisite beauty that it is. The car body is carved out of ash wood to provide it resistance. The chassis and the V6 2.3 liter engine are adapted from an old Ford Taunus, while the seats came from a Ford Probe.

Wooden car by Peter Szabo 12
Peter re-upholstered the seats with the help of another local craftsman.The windshield was taken from a Mercedes-Benz Cobra, and then cut to fit the wooden beauty.

Wooden car by Peter Szabo 8
The car was equipped with electronic systems and navigation by a German company. In fact, it’s the same company that showed the car its way to the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015.

Wooden car by Peter Szabo 8 10

Peter calls it ‘Julia’, named after his Sabzo’s wife. The car cruises at a speed of 55 to 60 miles easily. Sbazo is sure that it can go faster on highways.

There a number of other wooden car enthusiasts with their own home-made, fully-functional replicas, but Szabo’s Juila is somewhat special as it combines the retro lines and old school growl of a classic automobile. It features modern innovations including tablet-controlled headlights and music.

Szabo is happy at his creation, especially after it’s become an attraction for everyone around him, fetching him lot of praise for his hard-work.

It’s very rare to find a hard wood concept car of very good quality. It’s almost impossible to find it anywhere in the world. It was a hard time for me but also a happy time. It was a great happiness for me to build it,

said Szabo.

Wooden car by Peter Szabo 2

Now, after this tremendous piece of craftsmanship, Szabo is planning for his next big project – another wooden car. But this time it’ll be a more futuristic design and would feature an electric engine. That sounds awesome – a handmade wooden car with zero-emission engine, anyone?

Wooden car by Peter Szabo 4

Wooden car by Peter Szabo 5

Wooden car by Peter Szabo 6

Wooden car by Peter Szabo 7

Wooden car by Peter Szabo 9

Wooden car by Peter Szabo 3



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