Sazae Radio: This seashell plays your favorite radio station loud and clear

Seashell Radio

Once in a lifetime we all have tried to listen to the sounds of ocean that come from a sea shell. In fact that is the noise from surrounding environment resonating within the cavity of shell. Now, Japanese radio station BayFM78 has created a seashell radio which does actually play music to your ears. Celebrating the 90 years of radio’s incorporation in Japan, the radio station hand-picked 100 sazae seashells (horned turban shells) and fitted them with equipment capable of playing radio. They call it the Sazae Radio and just like any modern day gadget this one can also be recharged using a normal USB cable.

Of course this is a unique idea and having a seashell that plays is quite a niche thing to own. BayFM78 has therefore made 100 limited edition units of this cool radio player made from sea shells, and each one of them is priced at 3,980 Yen (around $36). For people living in Japan it good news, while people from other locations can’t get their hands on this seashell radio. Since only a limited number of these radios is made, they’ll be all gone in no time.

Seashell Radio_2

You’ll have to head over to the radio station’s website and enter the lottery details to try your luck. The event will run from April 1 till April 30. A different kind of gadget that you can put right into the geeky category, thanks to the Far East.

Sazae Radio

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