DIY for ones who wonder how blind bats fly around with precision

Ultrasound BatGoggles

Ever imagined what bat life would be like? Being blind and only driven by ultrasonic sounds that reflect from objects to give precise idea about them. We as humans cannot inherent that type of sophisticated spatial awareness, but at-least we have technology by our side to mimic what we desire. Call it an insane, time-wasting idea or a good weekend DIY project that gives you an idea for developing something much more useful, the Ultrasound Arduino BatGoggles is a father-son endeavor which is niche. This simple weekend project by Alan Mann uses Arduino Nano and ultrasound module to give the user an idea about any obstacles right in front of the goggles.

The wearable beeps whenever there is proximity to an object and the beep gets more intense as one goes closer to the object. Perhaps yet another gadget which could be helpful for blind people. But as I said, this is a project developed merely to demonstrate how bats move around. So just enjoy the video and if you have a good hand at electronics it will give you an idea of developing some kind of cool wearable glasses.

Via: AdaFruit



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