Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 transforms into Soundwave Decepticon in 30 steps

Mi pad 2

Although, the fourth film in the Transformer series “The Age of Extinction” over did that transforming stuff, there is still craze for autobots. We have seen replicas, sculptures, and some slow transforming toys so far. But now, Xiaomi and Hasbro have collaborated to develop a tablet that can actually transform into a small Decepticon.

Mi pad 2

It’ll be called ‘Soundwave’. A crowdfunding campaign is already is process, and has even collected more than its expected goal.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 2

VP Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s international division, revealed its collaboration with Hasbro on a Facebook post and said,

R&D worked really hard to ensure that the color, details and feel are exactly the same as Mi Pad 2.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 4

The Mi Pad 2 is a slim 7 mm tablet that is designed meticulously that it can unfold itself into a 190 mm 3D robot in 30 steps. The duo behind the transforming tablet thinks it’ll be a fun to deliver a tablet that can be assembled and dissembled by users. It’ll kind of keep them busy. Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

The colors, details and feel are exactly the same as the Mi Pad 2. This transforming gadget will cost around $26 or say it’s the minimum amount its backers could pledge. That’s affordable and you can also expect mass production and wider release because the crowdfunding campaign has collected thrice its target.

: IT Media



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