Hèrmes Apple Watch luxury bands available in new colors from April 19

hermes Apple Watch luxury bands

Apple and Hermès collaboration is based on delivering Apple Watch bands that are designed with both utility and design in mind. We’ve seen this in the Apple Watch Hermès collection that was launched in mid 2015 and it is again evident from the Apple Watch luxury bands released in new Hermès collection. French luxury brand, in its new collection has revealed a trio of luxury-packed leather bands for the Apple Watch and these are the double tour, single tour and the cuff. New leather bands are curiously designed to allows the Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor remain in contact with the wrist.

hermes Apple Watch double tour bandFor $750, the double tour band is an extra-long band that wraps around your wrist twice. It comes in a 38-millimetre stainless steel case.

hermes Apple Watch single tour band

The single tour on the other hand is priced at $500 and it is Hermès’ classic design. The single tour band comes in in 38-millimetre and 42-millimetre stainless steel cases.

hermes Apple Watch cuff bands

For anyone who doesn’t like ordinary bands on the wrist, Hermès has the Cuff. Cuff is a bracelet-style leather band for which comes in a 42-millimetre stainless steel case. Cuff is exorbitantly priced at $1,070.

hermes Apple Watch luxury band colors

In addition to the unique designs, the standout point of this Hermès collection is the colors in which these designs are available. The new collection of luxury bands are provided in Fauve (brown), Feu (orange), Blanc (white), Bleu Paon (green) and Bleu Saphir (blue) colors.

All the interested can begin purchasing the Hèrmes Apple Watch bands from the Apple online store from April 19.



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