Volocopter’s VC 200 confirms advent of third dimension to urban mobility

Volocopter personal flying machine

Yesterday, we were talking about Flyboard Air, an hoverboard with jet-turbine beneath it, was tested successfully by Franky Zaparta. It was simply mind blowing to watch human kind achieve such landmark. Anyways, do you remember German company e-volvo’s multicopter named the’ Volocopter’ which the company had begun to test in 2011? In its first manned 90 second flight test, watching a man sitting atop lots of rotors was kind of weird, but you are going to love the refiner version ‘VC 200’ of Volocopter that the company has successfully tested.

The 18-rotor Volcopter has confirmed that world is ready to slowly step on personal flying machines. Volcopter fulfills most of the qualification for a personal manned craft in urban setting. Numerous propellers make it look like a larger version of multicopters or drones, and it’s electric-powered, thus, noiseless. Owing to incorporated auto-leveling function, this multicopter is much more stable than traditional helicopter design and it’s perfect for even for novice users. The Volocopter controls are not complicated, and it can keep a man airborne without asking for regular manned control.


We are not sure that it’s good news for urbanized world that people can now step into somewhat larger drones at very low altitude. The safety issue pops in here. It flies close to ground, thus, vulnerable to hit towers and buildings. Parachute won’t help in case something goes wrong. Parachutes are no good for someone jumping out from an altitude less than 500 meters anyways. The worst part it; what would the sky look like when these personal flying drones would be common amenity, just like personal cars.

However, here is what the pilot of Volocopter thinks about the new milestone he hit with his test flights:

I got in, we did the pre-checks for what felt like maybe 20 seconds, and after that I’d already got the all-clear for flying. I didn’t wait long, I simply pushed the lever upward and the Volocopter simply sprung upward in a single bound. It is definitely a sublime feeling to lift off, fly the first few meters, and then actually take my hand off the joystick and think that, yeah, it’s really as if I’m standing on the ground, and then I look down and there are 20-25 meters beneath me. So it’s definitely unbelievable what we’ve achieved here. It’s seriously unbelievable!

Clearly, e-volvo is anxious to get VC200 into production as soon as possible. Initially, it’s likely to be limited edition, but not for long. . But it’s just the beginning. Most of sci-fi stuff is likely to turn real, sooner or later. Seriously, we must say, it’s going to be quite messy out there in future.

Volocopter VC 200

Source: Engadget



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