Russian engineer modifies a family car into this monster Batmobile

Monster Batmobile

As geeks, we are accustomed to see out of the ordinary Batmobiles crafted by creative people all by themselves. This one is one ideal for the elite club of “I Want Those Wheels” and perhaps a ride Batman would want to ride himself. Perfect mixture of a monster truck and intimidating looking Batman’s ride, it is the work of Igor Sukhorukov, a Russian engineer from Biysk. Build from an old Nissan Maxima, the family car got an unrecognizable makeover having big monster wheels and the look of a mean machine that means business. Interestingly, Igor has got all the paperwork to make this road legal and is free to drive it around on Russian roads, surprising people passing by.

Igor’s basic inspiration for making such a car came from his childhood craving to have a car that could take on the harsh Russian weather conditions. Most importantly, a set of four wheels that were no match for the winter weather during his hunting and fishing trips. Now he has lived his dream and created a Batmobile that we love to see again and again in the video. If you happen to live in the city of Biysk, you will see this monster driving on the road for sure.

Credit: RT



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