Retro arcade machine built from leftover IKEA furniture

ArcadeMicke DIY

Arcade machines of the 80s and 90s era have left an undeniable memory in our memories and nostalgia strikes whenever a DIY comes across with the promise of a reminiscent gaming arcade. This one too makes me remember the good old days when playing games in the arcade was the best thing in this world. The DIY project by SIN Tchan shows you how to create an arcade cabinet from IKEA furniture’s left over pieces. The project is quite simple and involves a $49.99 IKEA Micke desk and 25-inch monitor.

Other things that you’ll require for the DIY include joystick, buttons, arcade stick motherboard, portable drill and soldering iron. The arcade setup is a single joystick system paired to an Xbox controller. When you do accomplish making it, the best gaming titles to play with it are Frogger and Mortal Kombat. The total cost for successfully emulating this DIY is $365 which is on the higher side for a weekend project though.

Source: IkeaHackers Via: LifeHacker



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