Can oobleck protect iPad Pro 9.7-inch from 100 feet drop?

iPad Pro drop test

iPad Pro 9.7-inch just got launched and obviously it has to go through the grunt of testing, of course by crazy people around the globe. Just like every gadget has to pass the hurdle of some outrageous test by anonymous users, this one too is interesting. The Apple device is submerged in oobleck, a non-Newtonian fluid which has the properties of both solid and liquid. When you put your hand inside it gently it feels like any other liquid but if you punch/squeeze it, the material solidifies.

Alright, getting back to the test, GizmoSlip put the iPad Pro 9.7-inch inside the mixture and drop it from a height of 100 feet. On impact the side making contact with the ground solidifies and other portion remains in liquid state. This makes the device to bend from one side (like Bendgate), but otherwise it functions properly. So, you can say that iPad Pro 9.7-inch survives the oobleck drop test.



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