Toyota uBox Concept EV created by students for the demanding generation Z

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Toyota Motor North America and Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research have some up with a concept car targeted towards the next generation. As a part of the school’s ongoing Deep Orange project, this electric vehicle dubbed uBox is designed to be a one solution for young generation who like to socialize, work and explore new places. Highly customizable interiors are this EV’s talking point as one can toggle between a cargo-centered setting to being a people transporter in just a few minutes.

uBox SUV has a carbon fiber roof structure which gives scope for transparent ceiling panels to enjoy the surroundings while driving on a forest trail. The car’s interiors like the dashboard and door trim can be totally customized using 3D printed parts. Taking the usability feature of this car even further, the developers have fitted it with hardware that allows you to charge gadgets or run power tools that require 110-volt socket.

As for the design of this car, it looks like a crossover between a hatchback and SUV inspired by armored vehicles. Overall the car looks practical for urban commuting as well, where ever constricted spaces are forcing auto manufactures to come-up with practical designs for the future. This concept was revealed at Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress and Exposition in Detroit.

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Toyota uBox Concept EV

Source: Toyota



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