World’s first – Cancer surgery live streamed to public using VR headsets

Medical Realities cnacer surgery in VR using VR headsets

For the first time in medical history a live operation got streamed on VR glasses and anyone could watch it on their Samsung Gear VR or Goggle Cardboard VR headset. The operation of a 70 year old patient took place yesterday and the man behind this daring project ‘Medical Realities’ is Shafi Ahmed who performed the surgery at the Royal London NHS hospital in the UK at 1PM BST (8AM ET). Surgeons operated the patient suffering from cancer of the colon and 360 degree view of the operating theater made the VR viewers experience the surgery as if they were present at that moment.

People having Gear VR and Google Cardboard watched the surgery live in virtual reality

Medical Realities team created a dedicated app called VRinOR for this project which is available for Android and iOS devices. You could turn the head anywhere and experience the feeling inside an operation theater as surgeons operate the patient. To make sure that the event got captured in best possible quality, the team got help from Matvision immersive video specialists who provided the cameras.

The ultimate aim of this project is to give medical students a better insight into what all goes inside the OT even before they hold a scalpel in their hand. Shafi promised that better close-ups and other additions will follow in similar surgeries in the future. They have also promised a 360-degree of the operation coming soon which you can scroll in any direction to get a feel of the operating theater. Just like the one Medical Realities released a few months ago in a build-up to this event.



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