World’s first 3D fitness tracker by Naked Labs now available for $499

3D Body scanner for fitness

One reason electronics are making fitness nuts crazy is the availability of apps and sensors integrated into portable devices to keep correct record of fitness data. Naked is world’s first of its kind 3D fitness tracker that resembles a common full-length mirror, but it has replaced simple mirror with a 3D scanner mirror. The scanner features bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and a companion mobile app for iOS and Android users.

‘Naked Labs’ believes that when people are on fitness a mission, their biggest motivation is to witness improvement, no matter how slow it is. As per Naked, people who witness physical changes during initial days of workout are more likely to stick to the schedule. It sounds true and that is why Naked is really good news for fitness geeks. Naked labs fitness tracker

Naked activates the 3D scanner when user steps on the turntable. In 20 seconds, Naked will rotate the user a full 360 degree to create a complete 3D scan of the body. The data automatically syncs to the companion app, making it visible on mobile display.

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Data collected by Naked provides valuable visual context to user’s health and fitness targets. The scanner can extract accurate information about measurements, an accurate body fat ratio, and weight. It’ll display you real time changes in any of the variables associated with physical body.

In simple words, user can observe changes in their body during their weight loss or weight gain missions. Not just casual fitness conscious people, but the scanner is an incredible assistant for professional athletes, trainers, body builders, models etc.
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Naked features Intel RealSense Technology to scan user’s body, has built-in memory and Quad-Core Intel Processor (which is real quick) Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Naked has a human-centered design with a wirelessly chargeable turntable eliminates cable clutter.

3d fitness tracker

The mirror measures 63″(h) x 12″ (w) x 4″ (d) and weighs 15lbs. The turntable measures 1.75″ x 14.5″ x 14.5″ and weighs 10lbs. An optional 10lbs mirror stand is also available.

Naked is an expensive piece of 3D fitness tracking technology and is now available for U.S. You can order one for a pre-order price of $499 at Naked Fit’s official website. The companion mobile app is free for download for android and iOS devices. After order, you can expect shipping in March 2017.

naked labs 3d fitness tracker



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