Faraday Future begins construction of $1 billion Nevada megafactory

nevada megafactory

Faraday Future held a mega ceremonial opening event for its $1 billion manufacturing facility in Nevada. The company here revealed its abstract plans for an autonomous electric car that would support flexible chassis and may be, be manufactured on subscription basis. Blogosphere is buzzing with the news and the use of ‘Mega’ word, which is used very liberally in expression. Faraday previously faced criticism for its concept car, the FFZero1, at CES this year in January, for being too unrealistic to be materialized.


Obviously, For Faraday, the only rival in the electric (super) car market is Tesla. Rather, Tesla is way ahead of Faraday because it already has Tesla S model electric car on road. Tesla’s Gigafactory had created a lot of buzz and it did deliver something impressive to the world struggling in a battle against global warming.

But in case of Faraday, the company didn’t release any concrete information regarding its product, didn’t even display any prototype. May be, it doesn’t have one yet. That’s the reason why Faraday’s mega ceremony is under fire form all corners.

The only concrete information is about BMW designer Richard Kim, who is now working on Faraday’s product. Kim was the lead designer for the iconic BMW i3 and i8 cars. Also, people are not happy because Faraday – a company which has about 700 employees in the U.S., is backed by Chinese entrepreneur Jia Yueting.

Well, it sounds so discouraging, but Faraday is optimistic about it’s future. The Apex Industrial Park Facility spread over 3 million square feet is just an example. The company promises employment for some 4,500 local people at the facility. Faraday had also announced to post a $75 million bond toward the development of roads, rail and water lines to service the 900-acre site at the industrial park.

According to chief designer Kim, a production electric vehicle is already under testing and will be revealed by the year 2018. Most automotive experts however are of the opinion that the Faraday’s concept design isn’t realistic to see the light of the day.

Source: Faraday Future



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