Android N to have 3D Touch like functionality – Apple’s not going to like this

Android N 3D Touch functionality

Android Marshmallow is already up and running on many flagship devices and some earlier versions have also received the Android M update recently. The next step forward is development of another operating system which is better than the last. Android N is that next step development of user-friendly operating environment for Android-powered devices. We saw a glimpse of what this operating environment will bring to the devices and now there is another feature which shows how Android is following in the footsteps of Apple. Bringing a 3D Touch like feature to Android N may be inevitable as Phandroid found out after tinkering with the Android N Developer Preview 2.

These geeks got Nova Launcher app to run on Android N Developer Preview 2 and developer of this app Kevin Barry managed to bring 3D Touch like functionality to the interface. As you can see from the video, the force touch pops-up the required information while a long touch does the contemporary thing. In the demo you can watch how force touch works the weather icon popping-up temperatures for 5 days. Clicking on any one of these takes you to the weather app. For now there are 4 more apps with this functionality including Yelp showing top 3 restaurants nearby or Trip Advisor popping-up top 3 things to do nearby.

In fact Google is offering 4 scenarios wherein Launcher Shortcuts can be used for navigating users to location in mapping app, sending message via the communication app or loading the last saved point in a game. In all probability Google is going to announce the default gesture – Force Touch at IO 2016.



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