Sprint on the Cotton Run machine to produce cotton candy as reward

Cotton Run kinetic machine

Giving people a moment of fun that brings a smile to their face is priceless in this busy scheduled world. And when you have to run and make cotton candies doing so, makes it cute somehow. LAAB, a Hong Kong based Architectural Firm set out on a project that made people’s ordinary day special with the ‘Cotton Run’ project which apparently made people fitter as well.

Cotton Run kinetic machine

The project is all about running on a sci-fi inspired platform and making cotton candy doing so. Idea of this project is quite simple. A person runs on the circular platform for around 2 minutes which then in turn activates the machine generating cotton candy. The more one runs, more candy is produced.

In front of the person running on the kinetic machine is a large screen which displays cotton clouds and on the outside there is lightning and mist to create a supporting effect. The campaign was especially exciting for kids and their parents who lost a few calories and in the end won cotton candies for the effort.

LAAB fabricated the kinetic machine and the effects all by themselves and thankfully it all pleased the Hong Kong crowd.

Cotton Run kinetic machine_1



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