Graffiti legend paints Moto X Pure handsets in his signature style, and you can buy one

Moto X Pure phone by Futura

Futura (Leonard Hilton McGurr) is the creator of graffiti as we know it, and the legend has teamed with big brand names like Nike to paint the imagination of artistic trends. What started back in the 70’s as simply painting the walls with spray paint has now grown into a worldwide obsession which will not die anytime soon. Now the legend has teamed-up with Motorola Mobility to stamp 30 Moto X Pure Edition smartphones with his signature style.

Futura believes in creating future trends and has had a profound liking for Motorola brands since ages for their quality products. And to top it off, he is in line with Motorola’s vision for the future.

Lining up 30 Moto X Pure handsets on a big canvas, the artist started spraying his magic on their back. In the end one gets a signature and custom painted phones which are all different.

Each of these 30 Moto X Pure phone are going to sell for $350 each courtesy retailer Stefan’s Head. All you have to do is text ‘STEFAN’ to 646-759-0904 and wish you are in luck to receive one.

Moto X Pure phone by Futura

Source: Motorola



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