MOON by Oscar Lhermitte: Topographically accurate lunar globe based on NASA data

Moon Lunar globe

Would you like to have a lunar globe in your living room that could tell you real time, accurate lunar phases at any point of time? London-based French multidisciplinary designer Oscar Lhermitte collaborated with design studio Kudu to create the world’s first topographically accurate lunar globe -The MOON.

Moon Lunar Globe

It’s fascinating that the setup, consisting of 1:20 million scale globe (moon) replica and a revolving ring of LED lights (sun), uses NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter topographic data combined with electronic and mechanical engineering. The LED-light ring revolves around the globe to recreate lunar phases as seen from Earth.

Lhermitte has given unbelievably extensive details to all the carters, mountains and ridges of moon. Surprisingly, the designer has opted for the exact same memory as the Apollo 11 computers.

Moon Lunar Globe 5

The MOON offers three modes – manual, demo, and live mode. In manual mode you can adjust the location of lights, see all phases in a 30 second demo mode, and the real-time internal clock mimics a lunar month. A lunar month consists of 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 2.80 seconds. The MOON can sync the data accurately to cast real-time shadow.

Moon Lunar Globe 3

It’s one hell of design to own. You can check more details about the MOON, its availability and cost on Kickstarter.

Moon Lunar Globe 4



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